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Ester Kubisz

Doubting Thomas Blazer

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Unlike “Tearing Wall Street Blazer” the “Doubting Thomas” goes all in. Inspired by the idea to show the inside of a tailored jacket and Caravaggio's painting of a sceptic Thomas who refuses to believe without direct personal experience. 

Alternate stripes are cut out of a classic pinstripe blazer creating a fringe effect and revealing front chest canvas bits. There is no front lining so the blazer is see-through at the front.
The panels are fused to minimise the fraying however as the stripes are raw cut on grain fraying to a certain extent is expected even more so desired.

Fit: Slightly Oversized
Model is size 8UK, 172cm, wears size 8UK (S), 74cm Waist

Origin: UK

Composition: 100% Merino Wool (locally sourced in the UK)

Colour: Grey